Lange Reihe 28, Bremen

Former residents about LR28:

The residents of our studios come from countries all over the world, but they have one thing in common: They are all party of a very special multicultural community in the heart of Bremen – the LR28!

Bahaar Rizvi: “It’s a lovely location and I miss my apartment and the lovely neighbors at LR28 every day. I really had some of the best times of my life there, not just because of the apartment and the neighbors etc. but also due to Mr. Dietrichs who made our stay so welcoming and comfortable. Mr. Dietrichs is the BEST!”

Jab! Jezzine: “1 have been living in studio 103 for around 6 months and I never had any problems regarding all required facilities (heating, water system, internet and electricity). The building is always clean, neighbours are amazingly tolerant and the management/ landlord is remarkably friendly and always there for you. What makes studio 103 unique is that you can enjoy the calmness of the backyard small garden everyday without being disturbed. I found value for every penny I paid in LR28 studio 103 .. Cheers !”

Merlind Hertner: “I moved into LR28 when I started my bachelor studies in Bremen in 2014 and stayed for 1.5 years in one of the smaller apartments, which I loved – especially the heated floor. Also, our landlord was very caring and always there when we had a problem of any sort. When I first moved in, I did not know anyone in Bremen yet but I ended up finding some dear friends among the other students in the house. I loved the internationality, the sense of community, and had the best time living there.”