Lange Reihe 28, Bremen


This is a non-binding English translation of the German contract. The original German version is the only legally binding version.

§1 Rental property

  1. The landlord, LR28 GbR (the postal address will be announced upon conclusion of the agreement), lets the studio flat no. ………….. in the building located in Lange Reihe 28,
    28219 Bremen to the tenant …………………………………………………………………..
  2. The studio flat serves as a temporary accomodation for the tenant during the period of study at the university …………………………………………… or vocational training in the company ………………………………….
  3. The studio flat is furnished with a bed, lath floor, mattress, wardrobe, coat rack, desk with chair, kitchenette (white) with energy-saving refrigerator, 2-burner ceramic glass cooktop, kitchen hood, microwave, floor- and wall cupboards.
  4. The bathroom is furnished with a sink, toilet, low profile shower tray.

§2 Rental period

  1. The studio flats can be rented maximally for one year (1 October – 30 September).
  2. The tenancy of studio flat no. ………….. starts on ……………. and ends on ……………….. or upon completion of studies or expiration of the residence authorisation (period of application). If the planned moving out date has to be postponed, the tenant has to inform the landlord in written form in good time prior to the end of the rental.
  3. Students who wish to extend the occupancy date have to apply in writing eight weeks before the tenancy agreement expires.

§3 Rental costs/ deposit

  1. Rent including heating is € …………………………………
  2. The rent includes among other things: all taxes and fees, waste collection, insurances, cleaning of house and stairway, consumption of hot and cold water, waste water disposal, heating, ventilation, safety checks etc. NOT included are electricity, internet, telephone, SAT connection (see table of charges), TV and radio licence fee.
  3. The rent (including heating) is due monthly by the third working day of the month. Payment has to be made in advance and free of charges via bank transfer into the following account: Bankhaus Neelmeyer AG, Bremen (banking details will be announced upon conclusion of the agreement). The tenant’s name and the number of the studio flat must be indicated. Timeliness of the payment is determined by the date at which the amount is ultimately available to the landlord. Optionally bank charges have to be paid by the tenant.
  4. In case of delay in payment, the landlord is entitled to charge € 25 of administration cost.
  5. The tenant is required to pay a deposit of € 750,- which will be held as a security by the landlord.
  6. The deposit has to be payed into the aforementioned bank account. The landlord will transfer the amount to a special deposit account of Bankhaus Neelmeyer AG, Bremen.
  7. The deposit shall not bear interest according to section § 551 Abs. 3 Satz 5 BGB.

§4 Termination of the tenancy agreement

  1. A fixed-term tenancy agreement will automatically end on the date specified in the agreement.
  2. In case of tenancy agreed for an indefinite period, legal provisions shall apply.
  3. Termination without previous notice shall also align to legal provisions.
  4. Written notice is required to terminate the tenancy.
  5. After the tenancy, the studio flat must be handed over in a clean and tidy state to the landlord by 9a.m. on the last working day of the tenancy period. All cupboards and the
    wardrobe must be cleaned, the refrigerator must be cleaned, emptied and defrosted. The mattress cover – if removable – must be washed or cleaned before removal. He is then raise again on the Matrazenkörper.
  6. After the tenancy, the keys must be handed over to the landlord.
  7. Damages caused by the tenant beyond normal wear and tear, must either be repaired properly and professionally by the tenant, or the tenant must refund the amount for the repair costs to the landlord.
  8. Should the tenant fail to vacate the studio flat by the date stipulated, the tenancy is not considered extended. § 545 BGB shall not apply.

§5 General terms of tenancy

  1. Only the named tenant  may use the rented studio exclusively for residential purposes.
  2. Without the permission of the landlord, the tenant is not entitled to permit a third party to use the rented studio flat, in particular not to sublet it.
  3. Permanent accomodation of third parties is not allowed.
  4. Any disturbance by noise is to be avoided. The volume of radio, television and any other stereos are to be kept at a considerate level. This also applies to musical instruments (e.g. piano, drums, violine etc.).
  5. As usual, the tenant is to keep the peace at night from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.. This also applies to noise-emitting events, such as parties etc.
  6. The tenant is responsible for cleaning the studio flat on a regular basis. This includes the whole bathroom, doors, floors, windows (inside) and the furniture as well as stove, refrigerator etc.
  7. The entrances to the studio flats, common rooms as well as the entrance hall are to be kept clean.
  8. It is not allowed to dispose of waste and leftovers in the toilet, shower and sink. Hair is to be removed from these areas and disposed of with the regular houshold rubbish.
  9. There are coin-operated washing-machines and dryers at disposal in the basement from 8a.m. to 8p.m.
  10. Only standard electrical devices are to be used in the studio flat, it is not allowed to recharge batteries of electric bicycles, wheelchairs and cars.
  11. Electrical devices, such as stoves, should never be left unattended.
  12. The tenant must not store and place goods of any kind (, bikes, rubbish, sports equipment) in the stairway, hall and corridors. The tenant is obliged to ensure that escape routes are and remain freely accessible at all times.
  13. Parking of bicycles, mopeds etc. is permitted in the designated areas only. Parking in halls, corridors and studio flats is not allowed. Note: The landlord accepts no liability for theft or damages of bicycles.
  14. It is prohibited to enter the roof area and to open the ventilation windows to more than the preset 15°.
  15. Escape routes must be freely accessible at all times. Smoke control doors are to remain in the open position. They close automatically in the event of fire. The entry doors and studio flat doors are to be locked at all times.
  16. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the communal areas, studio flats, stairway and in the hall and corridors. Smoking may set off fire alarm. (The person responsible will be charged for fire brigade call-outs)
  17. The tenants must not keep domestic pets since the housing area does not fulfill the necessary conditions.
  18. The facilities are to be treated with care and stay free of any tags and drill holes. (including doors and walls) and must not be removed from the studio flat. Damages beyond normal wear and tear are to be repaired by the tenant, or the tenant has to bear the repair costs . Smaller repairs up to an amount of € 75 – per event – are to be paid by the tenant.
  19. Drilling into tiles and grout joints is not allowed, use adhesive or suction cups instead.
  20. The tenant is not allowed to carry out any structural changes to the building and the studio flat (this also involves installing external antennas). If such changes are made nevertheless – without consent – the tenant is responsible for any costs incurred by the removal of these structural changes.
  21. The tenant is not allowed to replace the lock cylinder. In case of non-compliance, the tenant has to bear all incurring costs.
  22. The tenant is responsible for any damages caused by guests, family or third parties. Acts of God excepted.
  23. The person responsible is liable for every damage that is caused by improper use.
  24. Damages in the studios flats and the common areas or any disfunctions have to be immediately reported to the property administration.
  25. Upon moving into the studio flat, the tenant will be handed over a name tag that is to be put properly on the mailbox and the doorbell.
  26. It is not allowed to fix ad signs or any other advertisment in and outside the house.
  27. The landlord has the right to enter the rendet studios according to prior agreement. In case of danger, he is allowed access to the studios without prior notice. In particular cases the landlord is entitled to enter and to inspect the rented property according to section §242 BGB (Performance in good faith).
  28. The tenants of studio flats no. 102, 102, 202, 203, 501 and 502 arrange for access to the studio flats by tradespeople who need to do maintenance or cleaning work in the garden and/or in the roof area. The tenants of studio flats no. 102 and 103 are obliged to keep clean the terrace.

§6 Severability clause (The original German version is the only legally binding version.)
In the event that any portion of this agreement is held to be unenforceable or void, such provision shall be deemed to be severable and shall in no way affect the validity of the remaining terms and conditions of this agreement. Any invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a provision which best meets the purpose of the replaced provision; the same applies in case of an omission. Place of jurisdiction is Bremen.It is only valid the German-speaking lease.

______________________________________                                                                              _______________________________________________
Landlord                                                                                                                                                                                                         Tenant
Upon moving in, the tenant will be handed over:
____ house / flat keys ________ floor plan of the studio flat
____ mailbox keys ______ handover report
___ overview of costs