Lange Reihe 28, Bremen


LR28 – Stylish accommodations for students

You are new to Bremen or are just looking for a place to live? You want to have your own kingdom, while at the same time socialising with other students? Then the student hall LR28 is the perfect place for you. Our students are not anonymous faces in a crowded residence. With 14 studios, the LR28 is small enough to get in touch with all the other students, but also large enough to have space on your own.

Thailand, Colombia or Cypress: Our residents come from different countries all over the world, which makes our hall a place where you can mix with and meet people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. Many of them are advanced students with both feet firmly planted on the ground. We also welcome apprentices! People not only study in LR28. It’s a place to make friends, develope ideas and enjoy a splendid time – and all that in a unique atmosphere.

The LR 28 is aimed at students that don’t want to miss the comfort of a student hall but also appreciate modern ambience. Daniel Hesse, architect at 360 Grad architecture, fully utilisied the angled buildinglot, and created a design that perfectly fits the surroundings, yet still stands out.

You think you are in the right place? Get in touch with us. We look forward to welcoming you.